History of Business

Advocate Fiduciary Services, formerly known as Adams & Associates, was founded in 2008 by an Estate Planning Attorney in Lincoln, CA to address a growing need for licensed professionals to act in a position of trust for the enormous aging population.

Our firm has experience with Conservatorships of the person and estate, acting as a Representative Payee for public benefits, bill paying, Trustee for Special Needs Trusts, Family Trusts, Children’s Trusts, Executor, Power of Attorney for finances as well as Health Care Directive and Guardian Ad Litem.

Our firm serves all counties in Northern California and we have clients throughout the United States and abroad who require experienced licensed professionals. We have succession planning in place to provide services for our clients over the next 50 years. Currently, we have 2 licensed fiduciaries and 1 person with a pending application within our office to accommodate our future clients.

David Buehler, CLPF #611

President and CEO

Mr. Buehler is a California Licensed Private Fiduciary #611. He is currently acting in the capacity of Conservator of the Person and Estate, Trustee, Representative Payee with assets over $40 million.

He graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Speech Communication and a minor in Business and he has over 44 years of corporate management experience.

Mr. Buehler understands the challenges of family dynamics and arrives at creative solutions to resolve complex family issues.

He is a Notary Public and is also a National Certified Guardian.

Joseph Arana

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Arana is responsible for supervising all financial aspects of the business, Human Resources, Marketing, and the overall management of the business.

He has over 21 years of experience in corporate management and has 10 years of experience utilizing his entrepreneurial skills in developing other successful businesses.

Mr. Arana has an Associate's Degree in Accounting and in the process of obtaining his Professional Fiduciary License by the end of 2021.

He has had the most significant influence on developing the flawless reputation of Advocate Fiduciary Services since joining the business in 2009. He is also fluent in Spanish and also is a Notary Public.

Christa Kinsman, CLPF #1119

Licensed Private Fiduciary

[email protected]

Mrs. Kinsman is a Licensed Private Fiduciary #1119 and has been with the firm since 2013.

She has over 7 years of experience in the banking industry as an account representative and loan specialist. Her experience in banking is a true asset in dealing with banks and other financial institutions resulting in cost savings to our clients.

Mrs. Kinsman received her AA degree in Business Administration in 2018 and is also our Office Manager and Corporate Secretary.

Ron Sands

Assistant Private Fiduciary

[email protected]

    Ron’s dedication to excellence, strategic planning, and team leadership make him a valuable asset to Advocate’s Fiduciary Services. With his diverse background in finance and management, coupled with his passion for quality, sustainability, and social responsibility, Ron is well-equipped to contribute to the growth and success of Advocate’s Fiduciary Services. As the founder of Pacific Green Coffee, he has already demonstrated his ability to build and lead successful ventures. His strong financial acumen, coupled with his commitment to community service, make him an ideal candidate to bring value to Advocate’s Fiduciary Services.